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Laker Liker

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Mr. Sharp,

Thank you for your email. Per you I have answered your questions (answers in red) and attached our digital picture of LakerLiker (Site Banner).

1) Talk about your blog, how it started, what was your inspiration to blog?
We started purely for self enjoyment and needless to say our love for the champs. The blogsite is fairly young (2 years young) and was started by a small group of fans who needed an outlet to exude our content and frustration. Blogging was THE only way to go. This blog started off as just as casual blog but now has transformed into an upcoming Laker blog among its Laker blogging community.

2) Why do you need to keep identity intact? ( You can make up a story or tell the truth)
I apologize as I'm not quite if I understand this question correctly. Do you mean self identity or blogger identity?

3) Talk about the misconceptions people have about blogs/bloggers
The one misconception people have of blogs and/or bloggers that I've come across is that bloggers are just amateur writers that have no credibility. I 100% disagree. Most Lakers Bloggers I am personally a fan of have plenty of Laker expertise and the years of being hardcore Laker fans reflects on their posted articles. Think about the demographic here? Only hardcore Laker fans would be crazy enough to put forth the effort (a lot of effort by the way) to create a Lakers blog to begin with. With this passion comes passionate writing that is derived from years of being Laker fans. Besides legitimate Sports Writers who get paid to write editorials, Laker Bloggers would be next to kin. It takes a lot of disciplined man hours to maintain your blogsite if you don't have a strong support team. Bloggers have their daily jobs and come rushing home to blog about anything Lakers, as least this routine applies to me.

4) what are the stereotypes about blogs/bloggers that you dislike the most?
Like I mentioned above in the latter, I think many critics automatically assume since many bloggers take the time to create a professional looking blogsite and take the time to maintain it daily, that these bloggers have nothing else to do in life but to write bias articles. I beg to differ here. I have a full time job that demands so much of my time but when I step into my home office, I become somewhat of new person who gets to unwind by writing about what he loves, the Los Angeles Lakers. I always try to think about the next creative Laker topic that no other blogger has written about and I always look to improve the look of the site. It's an addictive hobby that really rewards when you see that your blog actually has more than friends and family as your supporters!

5) What advice would you give to someone starting thier own blog?
Stick with what you know. Find a subject you are passionate for and everything else will fall into place. It may not happen overnight but has you mature in the blogging world your site will follow in that growing process.

6) Why do you blog? Is it therapy? A release?
Yes and yes! For both theraputic and venting reasons. Any Therapist will tell you, never keep emotions bottled up and whats better that releasing them on a worldwide platform?

7) Do you have a day job? What are your hobbies outiside of your blog?
Yes I am employed full time at a supervisory level position and have been since I can remember. My previous hobby was staying at home to watch Laker games (until I met my wife) and off season I would unwind a play sports based video games (Basketball games). Now that I think about it, everything I do is basketball related. Now, as a 32 year old male, I feel blogging is much more fun and a little more productive than trying to beat the top score of a video game. When I have free time I go straight to my laptop and attack the keyboard to keep my blogsite fresh with updated posts. Anyone who blogs knows that the only way to have a successful blog is to keep it fresh.
Thanks again Mr. Sharp for your email and opportunity to expose our Laker Blogsite.

Eric Garcia

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